The last Multiplier Event in Spain

We open the first SESAME one-stop in Spain in Cafè de Mar of Mataró with collaboration and support of Fundació Cooperadors de Mataró and the City Council of Mataró. We chose this space because is public and promotes social entrepreneurship in the region and is an excellent way to linked students with social entrepreneurship.

Mariona Ayxelà presented the results of the project and more specifically the impact of the mentoring and future implementations in Escola Pia Catalunya’s network.

During the first part of the event it took place the conference about “The art of accompany” in charge of Gemma Pérez Clemente, an expert and coordinator of master’s degree of Coaching and Personal Leadership at Universitat de Barcelona.

Finally, the second part of the event was raised to present the results in first person. Javier Marín, mentee and student of Escola Pia Santa Anna Mataró; and Eduard Clariana, mentor, teacher and entrepreneur, share their personal experience with SESAME Project, as a testimonies and participants of it.

BDF selected to be a Social Challenges Node!

The Social Challenges Innovation Platform is a far-reaching European online ecosystem encouraging the interaction between social innovators and SMEs for the co-development and take up of innovations with a clear social impact. BDF is selected to become a Strategic Node of this European-wide initiative!

The platform aims to be a social innovation marketplace, where Public Authorities, Private Companies or Third Sector Organizations can post and give visibility to social and environmental challenges they want to solve (challenge owners). At the same time, social innovators and entrepreneurs from across Europe will be invited to propose innovative solutions (solution providers).

Watch this short video to get an idea of what is all about.

BDF will soon post more info for challenge owners and solution providers on how to get involved. Curious to learn more already? Contact Erna ( or Frank (

Project SESAME at Friese Poort in Leeuwarden!

VET school Friese Poort in Leeuwarden welcomed the SESAME partners during the 2nd day of the final partnership meeting mid-June. Harry Pieter de Graaf, one of the entrepreneurship teachers involved in the project, invited one of the entrepreneurship students to explain his view and plans on social entrepreneurship to the group.

VET teacher Harry Pieter de Graaf is using the SESAME training manual on social entrepreneurship in the classroom with his entrepreneurship students to change their mind-sets and create more social initiatives.

Very positive to see the level of impact and influence of the SESAME project in practice!

To all participants of the VITAL region event: thank you for participating!

We sincerely hope you enjoyed our plenary session and workshops and learned what projects SESAME and ENTER can offer you solving social challenges through entrepreneurship.

As a group we were able to address various regional social challenges on the day by working together on an international level. We would love to keep in touch with you and follow-up on the results. In consultation with Wyb de Boer, moderator of the pop-up café, we will share with you the submitted ideas and the outcomes of the challenges in the next few weeks.


Join our event on Social Challenges!

MentorProgramma Friesland, Inqubator Leeuwarden, Business Development Friesland and Knowledge2018 join forces to organise the event ‘Vital Region: Entrepreneurship for social challenges’ in order to inspire and connect.

Keynote speaker Jaap Koen Bijma will, supported by 2 current practises from the field, inspire to tackle social challenges and to create new networks. With workshops led by regional and European actors, the event offers you an international perspective on the future of enterprise, hubs and how they can contribute to solve social challenges

The event gives you the opportunity to bring in social challenges from your region or organisation and find solutions together with the other event participants. Think of it as a social innovation marketplace, where public authorities, private companies and third sector organisations can post and give visibility to social and environmental challenges they want to solve. At the event, students, professionals, social innovators and (start-up) entrepreneurs from across Europe are given the opportunity to discuss solutions to the given social need and hopefully come to innovative insights and solutions together!

The event will take place on the 15th of June. Subscribe to the event via eventbrite. Click here to download the programme.

Open House in Mataró (Spain)

Yesterday the Multiplier Event (Open House) took place in Escola Pia of Mataró with some students, teachers and mentors. We made the correspondent evaluation of the event and also we presented the final projects of the students.

First of all, the students presented their final projects of the pilot. After that the mentors provide them more ideas about how they can improve their projects. Finally, they answer the evaluation form of the event.

We hope a successful ending of school year!!


The mentoring program is over!

On the 25th of May, we organized an event in Escola Pia of Mataró with mentees and some teachers to make feedback about mentoring experience. It was great to hear some of their stories.

For the mentees, the mentoring was a great experience and it helps them more for personal skills than the academic ones. Also, they answer a survey about the mentoring programme and how it was.

We hope a successful end of the mentoring!!

7 th multiplier event Open House in Kaunas, Lithuania

7 th multiplier event Open House in Kaunas, Lithuania was organized at 13 April 2017 in Kaunas construction and services training center

6 th SESAME project meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania

March 9- 10, was organized SESAME project meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania