Multiplier Event in Mataró (Spain)

On the 2nd of February, we organized the 6th Multiplier Event in Escola Pia of Mataró with some students, teachers and mentors. We made the correspondent evaluation of the tools and also we discussed about the mentoring.

The evaluation of the tools was good because some of them were interesting. After that we discussed about the cases of the mentoring and we shared some ideas. Also, we ask for advice to make the mentoring better.

We hope a successful continuing of the mentoring!!

Detailing the second pilot

On the 25th of January, Mariona, Júlia and Oumaya, members of SESAME Project in Spain went to Mataró to discuss with teachers of Escola Pia which day they’re going to start the second pilot and how we’re going to organize to send them the units in Catalan.

We also discuss about the profiles of the students who are going to do the manual, the time that they’re going to spend in each lesson and the idea that some mentors can participate on it explaining they own businesses.

During the meeting teachers also informed us that there’re some students who are interested to have a mentor. Then we started to organize the next multiplier event between the students, teachers and mentors.

We hope a successful start the second pilot!

ChangeMakers’ON – International Social Entrepreneurship event in Kaunas, LT

It’s time to become a change maker, a social entrepreneur. “ChangeMakers’ON” is an international one weekend (February 24-26th) event dedicated to Social Entrepreneurship.

During the international intense one weekend event, you will create a Social business model that is based on social innovations and changes. Climate change, health, aging society, pollution, social inequality – these are only a few of the problems you can tackle. How you’ll save the world is up to you!

If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry. You’ll be able to join a team with the idea you like. In this case, it’s important to show your skills.

Social entrepreneurship is nothing like a social enterprise that survives on funds. It’s a self-sustainable, commercially successful business model which is driven by social innovations.

The main goal of “ChangeMakers‘ON” is to create a social business from an idea to a commercially successful social business model in one weekend. Are you ready? Check out more info!

Successful Multiplier event in Leeuwarden: Be Wise, Explore Social Enterprise

On the 17th of January there was organised a Multiplier Event called ‘Be Wise, Explore Social Enterprise’ in Leeuwarden. The aim of this event was to share knowledge and experiences on social entrepreneurship. In total approximately 100 people attended the event. These were mainly students, but also teachers and entrepreneurs.

The event was organised in the Kanselarij in Leeuwarden. The event was based upon several ‘social entrepreneurial cases’. After a welcoming word, the audience was divided into mixed groups of approximately 15 people, consisting of students, teachers and entrepreneurs. Together with a social entrepreneur they had to solve a case in the field of social entrepreneurship. One of the cases was organised by Inqubator Leeuwarden (Marie-jetske Lettinga). The case started with a presentation about Granny’s Finest, one of the best Dutch examples of a social enterprise. The group was asked to provide opportunities and solutions for the following problem statement: “How can Granny’s Finest grow / expand?” After having dealt with this, Marie-jetske presented and explained the group the online tools on the SESAME website. Then the participants were given some time to explore the online tools themselves. The session was closed with a short evaluation.

After the treatment of the several cases, all participants came together in the conference hall where all groups shared their results. The event concluded with a networking drink.

It was a very successful event where people really got excited about social entrepreneurship. Watch the aftermovie!

For more photos, visit the Facebook page!


First Step of mentoring in Spain

On the 10th of November, Júlia and Oumaya, members of SESAME Project in Spain went to Mataró to discuss with teachers of Escola Pia the profiles of those students who wants to participate in mentoring programme.

During the meeting, the teachers, informed about the personal life of the young adults who accepted to have a mentor. They explained us their interests, familiar and academic life. After that, we started to relate the appropriate mentor to each student.

In order that we connect the mentors with the students, we’re going to have the next 24 of November the first contact with them including an introduction about mentoring and SESAME, a dynamic activity to connect the mentors and students, finally, a buffet with all of them.

We hope a successful developing of the mentoring programme!

Social and competitive workshop!

That the Dutch students of Friesland College have a competitive mind-set is a sure thing. Last week BDF organised a workshop on Social Entrepreneurship supported by the Enter project. While the students played a game competing for Tony Chocelonely chocolate bars, they developed their social entrepreneurial skills and learned about the concept of Social Entrepreneurship.
Students that were involved in the workshop are enrolled in the Entrepreneurship programme of Friesland College and currently in the process of inventing and setting up their own company. We are glad to say that the special attention Friesland College is giving to social entrepreneurship is paying off. Some student groups have already changed their initial company ideas to give it a more social entrepreneurial dimension.
BDF and Inqubator wish the Friesland College students good luck in starting up their company and look forward to meeting the start-up companies at the end of the school year.

5 th multiplier event in Kaunas Lithuania

28 September 2016 was organized SESAME project 5 multiplier event in Kaunas, Lithuania. 32 participants from 11 organizations participatedp1040310 p1040311 p1040312 p1040313 p1040314 p1040316 p1040317

Multiplier Event: Involving the Network

The multiplier event was organized by our organizations and partners at 14th June 2016, in Hotel Atenea in Mataró, Spain. We invited pilot students, teachers, mentors and local entrepreneurs, as a potential mentors too. In total 50 people attended the event.

We had 9 speakers: Núria Mis, social marketing coordinator in Tecnocampus (UPF Universitat Pompeu Fabra), was the responsible to opening the event. Secondly, welcome attendees by Ramon Francolí and Toni Aguilar, directors of Fundació Servei Solidari and Escola Pia Mataró.

The first part of the event was a conference of social responsibility by Josep Maria Canyelles, expert in Social Responsibility of business and organizations. And the second one was a round table on SESAME Project experience with the participation of Albert Vidal, director of Fundació Maresme and project mentor; Guillem A. Puig, student of the pilot; Jordi Truñó, professor of the pilot; and Mariona Ayxelà,  SESAME program coordinator

The event ended with acknowledgments by Manel Moragues, pedagogical director of Escola Pia Mataró.

Share and dare between United Kingdom and Spain

Today, Wednesday 25th May, Escola Pia Santa Ana (Mataró, Spain) and Bridging to the Future (Birmingham, United Kingdom) have realized “share and dare”. The online meeting has been between students that represent their respective working groups.

The session was proposed to share knowledge, experiences and best moments of the pilot, considering their respective application’ in their partners countries. The meeting began with an initial presentation; proceed with a brief explanation of the projects of each country under the SESAME project, and finished with an opened discussion about possible advantages and disadvantages of the projects and business ideas.

The ultimate goal is to continue investing in networking and constant feedback, to grow and improve in personal and professional terms. Here we share a photo of the meeting!