Last Friday 9th October took place in Barcelona a special meeting between 12 young people from Liverpool and Barcelona brought by Tandem Social and his Erasmus + project, and Servei Solidari, who’s representing SESAME participation in Spain.

Creating synergies is one of the main goals of SESAME project, and thanks to this dynamic meeting we could learn from each other as well as creating new proposals for social enterprises.


Inma Martin, SESAME coordinator in Servei Solidari, presenting the project to Tandem Social guests.

The meeting was composed in two different parts; the first one about what Servei Solidari and his non-profit work works for in Barcelona,  and the second one about presentations that the guests made about proposals of new social enterprises needed in Barcelona and Europe.


Two young social entrepreneurs presenting their project


Servei Solidari keeps working on developing new ideas with those ones who share the same interests and needs as SESAME project does.




October 6th: MULTIPLIER EVENT IN BARCELONA: Brainstorming with teachers and students

The multiplier event took place in Escola Pia Nostra Senyora, Barcelona, Spain, October 6th 2015 and was hosted by Servei Solidari.  Teachers and students of VET and university education were invited.

19 representatives participated in the event, coming from VET areas from Escola Pia de Catalunya; Pompeu Fabra University and Servei Solidari foundation.  During the event an introduction about social mentoring and entrepreneurship concepts was presented. Then different work groups dynamics were organized, to contribute and incorporate news ideas and lines of work to SESAME Project Barcelona.


Third multiplier event in Kaunas

At 30 September 2015 was organized 3 rd multiplier event in Kaunas, Lithuania. The Event was organized, by our organization’s  and partner organization – Lithuania labour exchange (Kaunas Job office). In the event participated 20 representatives from 12 organizations: Kaunas Labour Exchange office, Community center Girsta, Kaunas region municipality, social companies UAB „TOPCOLOR“, VšĮ Kregis, UAB „A klasės valymas“,UAB „Roso“, company UAB Euribija,  Kaunas technical college, Kaunas vocational training center of social services and construction business specialists.





SESAME project second multiplier event in Kaunas, Lithuania

The event was organized at 29 May 2015, in Kaunas Vocational Training Centre of social services and construction Business specialists, Kalantos g. 80, Kaunas, Lithuania.  We invited: or center students, teachers, 1 mentor. We had 3 speakers: director of a private limited company “EURIBIJA” Giedra Sadauskienė, projects’s manager Tomas Vilčinskas, teacher Agnė Morkeliūnaitė. In the event participated 38 representatives from our Kaunas Vocational Training Centre of social services and construction Business specialists: 28 of them – students and 10 – our centre members. During the event we had presentations about social entrepreneurship in Lithuania, SESAME project, company “Euribija”.    geras1geras2geras4

Successful Leeuwarden event on social entrepreneurship!

On the first of April there was scheduled a meeting in the knowledge centre ‘De Kanselarij’ on social entrepreneurship. The attendance was great, consisting of students, social entrepreneurs, teachers, project managers and other interested parties. The programme was characterized by two main aspects: inspiring guest speakers and creative brainstorm sessions, both on the topic of social entrepreneurship.

Inspiring guest speakers
For the meeting there were four guest speakers invited to tell something about their way of social entrepreneurship. At first, the audience attentively listened to Mr. Daan Levy. Mr. Daan Levy is active in the field of social innovation and is owner of ‘Speelkracht’, a creative company that has more than just one focus. People come with different questions to the company. Searching for the right answer, the company uses its own methodology. Speelkracht always tries not to work as a client or contractor, but to walk the path together and to work with everybody that is important for the project. The people are key and are main supplier of all valuable ingredients. Speelkracht translates those ingredients into a concept, which will be executed by the company. A good example of this is the design of playgrounds in neighbourhoods, with citizens and for citizens. In this way the citizens meet their own needs. Moreover, they are less dependent on the government and authorities. Speelkracht is a very good example of a social enterprise!

The second guest speaker was Mrs. Tjitske Kiemel. In possession of a Bachelor of Social Work she is working on several social projects. For the Cultural Capital of Europe 2018 she has developed a project with the aim to involve people from disadvantaged districts in the community. In the yar 2018 youngsters from disadvantages neighbourhoods will act as guide for sightseeing tours in the city of Leeuwarden. This is an example of one of her projects in the field of social innovation.

Also Mr. Bouwinus Sikkes told about his way of social entrepreneurship. As the owner of Coffee Central he has hired a girl from the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act. Nowadays, she can run the business on her own.
The last presentation was in a slightly different form. Mr. Duncan Chamberlain from Birmingham told his story through Skype. Mr. Duncan Chamberlain is the owner of the company Bridging to the Future, a company with a clear social mission: get unemployed people back into the labour market by enabling them to start their own company. Its aim is to create economic independence.

Brainstorm sessions
Each presentation was followed by a brainstorm session. In total there were held three sessions of each 20 minutes. The sessions were in groups of approximately 6 persons. Some questions were leading for the sessions, such as ‘What is a Social Enterprise?’ or ‘Do you know an example in your region?’ or ‘What can a social enterprise do for the region?’. As a result of these questions there was lots of talk and discussion about the phenomenon social entrepreneurship.

The fruitful and inspiring event was closed while enjoying a drink and snack

Second project meeting in Bursa, Turkey

On the 23rd and 24th of March 2015, the second SESAME project meeting held in Bursa at the premises of Bursa MEM. Besides project progress related issues, there was plenty of time scheduled for the main aspect of the meeting, the meet and greet with Turkish social entrepreneurs.

After the project meeting, partners left Bursa Provincial Directorate of R&D Department and headed to the Niş Cafe which is a good example of social enterprise in Bursa. Niş Cafe Staff welcomes the partners and inform about the cafe by translation of Mr.Yasin Keskin.

Asiye Asal , founder of the Niş Cafe makes a speech about the cafe ,its foundation , its history,ai, etc. Niş cafe has been founded in the scope of Nilüfer VET school which is a school for disable students. Parents of this school students ,at first , produced some food and goods to sell at the bazaars and then Bursa Governor supplied them a place to turn it as a cafe . Students both getting education and graduated from this school are working here and parenst of the students help and work there voluntarily. Profit they get from the cafe and Football pitch is used for disabled students.

At the secodn day of the meeting, all partners arrive at Saitabat Villager Solidarity. Mrs. Sermin , founder and chairman of the Asscociation informs what has been done and what they had difficuities while establishing the enterprise. She declares ; We have found the idea of the association in a visit to Cumalıkızık and It was founded with 9 members in 2002 . And now we have 113 member. First 5 years, women worked voluntarily and they spent the profit for facilities. In 2007 they built this authentic house where they can serve breakfast for 150 people. They prepare foodstuff for winter and sell them to visitors.  ( like tomato sauce,strawberry and raspberry jam, pasta.. They have won many awards from different organizations.

The aim of this association:

  • To help women to gain their self-confidence
  • To make a contribution to family budget
  • To help people in need
  • To protect our culture

35 women earn money which prevents the migration from the village to the city. After this association, 22 women association were founded. And the women from Saitabat give seminars to them.

SESAME Dissemination event at Inqubator Leeuwarden

March 1st Inqubator Leeuwarden organised a meeting for stakeholders from educational and government. The meeting was a great success.

The catering was looked after by Social Entrepreneur Bouwinus Sikkens of Coffee Central, one of the most successful starters within the Inqubator. In addition to guest speakers, several Inqubator start-ups presented their business model. The audience was impressed by the knowledge and expertise of our start-ups! The concept of inqubator Leeuwarden was explained and the importance of social entrepreneurship was pointed out.

Inqubator director Lennard Drogendijk stated that also in our Inqubator we notice a growing interest of start-ups in social entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, despite this noticeable trend, research executed by Inqubator and Mentor Programme Friesland (MPF) staff shows that the Netherlands is lagging behind in the field of social entrepreneurship compared to surrounding countries. This is one of the reasons that Inqubator Leeuwarden decided to work with MPF in the European cooperation SESAME. The next three years we will work with parties from different European regions to strengthen social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurial behavior in our region.

Kick-off SESAME

It’s a world-wide movement that businesses and individuals aim at changing the world for the better.

There is growing attention for social enterprises, innovative companies that have a social mission primarily. Where the more traditional company would focus on financial gain, the social enterprise makes profit but  emphases on having a meaningful activity. People, Planet, Profit. The next three years, partners from 6 EU countries will, together with local stakeholders,  cooperate in the Erasmus+ project SESAME. This three year cooperation will result in mentoring and social entrepreneurship methods, practical tools and above all, a strong European network with one-stop-shops on social entrepreneurship in all partner countries.

On December 3th and 4th 2014, the SESAME kick-off meeting was held in Leeuwarden at the premises of Friesland College, Mentor Proggramma Friesland and Inqubator Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.