ChangeMakers’ON – International Social Entrepreneurship event in Kaunas, LT

It’s time to become a change maker, a social entrepreneur. “ChangeMakers’ON” is an international one weekend (February 24-26th) event dedicated to Social Entrepreneurship.

During the international intense one weekend event, you will create a Social business model that is based on social innovations and changes. Climate change, health, aging society, pollution, social inequality – these are only a few of the problems you can tackle. How you’ll save the world is up to you!

If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry. You’ll be able to join a team with the idea you like. In this case, it’s important to show your skills.

Social entrepreneurship is nothing like a social enterprise that survives on funds. It’s a self-sustainable, commercially successful business model which is driven by social innovations.

The main goal of “ChangeMakers‘ON” is to create a social business from an idea to a commercially successful social business model in one weekend. Are you ready? Check out more info!

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