Kick-off SESAME

It’s a world-wide movement that businesses and individuals aim at changing the world for the better.

There is growing attention for social enterprises, innovative companies that have a social mission primarily. Where the more traditional company would focus on financial gain, the social enterprise makes profit but  emphases on having a meaningful activity. People, Planet, Profit. The next three years, partners from 6 EU countries will, together with local stakeholders,  cooperate in the Erasmus+ project SESAME. This three year cooperation will result in mentoring and social entrepreneurship methods, practical tools and above all, a strong European network with one-stop-shops on social entrepreneurship in all partner countries.

On December 3th and 4th 2014, the SESAME kick-off meeting was held in Leeuwarden at the premises of Friesland College, Mentor Proggramma Friesland and Inqubator Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

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