Meet the (social) Start-ups!

To strengthen business models and safeguard a successful future, businesses need to consider new models and forms of cooperation.

At Inqubator Leeuwarden, we know that start-ups and solo-entrepreneurs bring new dynamics to the European, Dutch and Frisian entrepreneurial landscape. And what better place to foster creativity and share ideas than the incubator? That’s why Inqubator Leeuwarden organised the Entrepreneurial Conference ‘Meet the Start-ups’ on February 24th last. Meet the Start-ups is an interactive event with inspirational workshops, exceptional entrepreneurs, social businesses and start-ups that can make a difference.

During the workshop ‘Social Enterprise as a Business’ Erna van der Werff explained the concept of social entrepreneurship and presented project SESAME. After that it was time to play ‘Random Request’, one of the activities included in the Training / Minor Social Enterprise which has been developed in project SESAME. Groups had to be formed and each group was given a paper with 20 questions/assignments. Each assignment or question was linked to a number of points. The team that scored most points within 15 minutes won and was given a price. This activity aims to develop certain relevant skills related to (social) entrepreneurship which are time management, creativity, an entrepreneurial mind-set, team management, decision-making etc. Thus, the format of the workshop consisted of an introductory talk but the biggest part was dedicated to the ‘game’ which made it a very lively and interactive workshop. A very diverse mix of teachers, entrepreneurs, students, trainers and people from the municipality attended the workshops. It was a very successful workshop and opinions were very positive.



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