Second project meeting in Bursa, Turkey

On the 23rd and 24th of March 2015, the second SESAME project meeting held in Bursa at the premises of Bursa MEM. Besides project progress related issues, there was plenty of time scheduled for the main aspect of the meeting, the meet and greet with Turkish social entrepreneurs.

After the project meeting, partners left Bursa Provincial Directorate of R&D Department and headed to the Niş Cafe which is a good example of social enterprise in Bursa. Niş Cafe Staff welcomes the partners and inform about the cafe by translation of Mr.Yasin Keskin.

Asiye Asal , founder of the Niş Cafe makes a speech about the cafe ,its foundation , its history,ai, etc. Niş cafe has been founded in the scope of Nilüfer VET school which is a school for disable students. Parents of this school students ,at first , produced some food and goods to sell at the bazaars and then Bursa Governor supplied them a place to turn it as a cafe . Students both getting education and graduated from this school are working here and parenst of the students help and work there voluntarily. Profit they get from the cafe and Football pitch is used for disabled students.

At the secodn day of the meeting, all partners arrive at Saitabat Villager Solidarity. Mrs. Sermin , founder and chairman of the Asscociation informs what has been done and what they had difficuities while establishing the enterprise. She declares ; We have found the idea of the association in a visit to Cumalıkızık and It was founded with 9 members in 2002 . And now we have 113 member. First 5 years, women worked voluntarily and they spent the profit for facilities. In 2007 they built this authentic house where they can serve breakfast for 150 people. They prepare foodstuff for winter and sell them to visitors.  ( like tomato sauce,strawberry and raspberry jam, pasta.. They have won many awards from different organizations.

The aim of this association:

  • To help women to gain their self-confidence
  • To make a contribution to family budget
  • To help people in need
  • To protect our culture

35 women earn money which prevents the migration from the village to the city. After this association, 22 women association were founded. And the women from Saitabat give seminars to them.

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