SESAME Dissemination event at Inqubator Leeuwarden

March 1st Inqubator Leeuwarden organised a meeting for stakeholders from educational and government. The meeting was a great success.

The catering was looked after by Social Entrepreneur Bouwinus Sikkens of Coffee Central, one of the most successful starters within the Inqubator. In addition to guest speakers, several Inqubator start-ups presented their business model. The audience was impressed by the knowledge and expertise of our start-ups! The concept of inqubator Leeuwarden was explained and the importance of social entrepreneurship was pointed out.

Inqubator director Lennard Drogendijk stated that also in our Inqubator we notice a growing interest of start-ups in social entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, despite this noticeable trend, research executed by Inqubator and Mentor Programme Friesland (MPF) staff shows that the Netherlands is lagging behind in the field of social entrepreneurship compared to surrounding countries. This is one of the reasons that Inqubator Leeuwarden decided to work with MPF in the European cooperation SESAME. The next three years we will work with parties from different European regions to strengthen social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurial behavior in our region.

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