Last Friday 9th October took place in Barcelona a special meeting between 12 young people from Liverpool and Barcelona brought by Tandem Social and his Erasmus + project, and Servei Solidari, who’s representing SESAME participation in Spain.

Creating synergies is one of the main goals of SESAME project, and thanks to this dynamic meeting we could learn from each other as well as creating new proposals for social enterprises.


Inma Martin, SESAME coordinator in Servei Solidari, presenting the project to Tandem Social guests.

The meeting was composed in two different parts; the first one about what Servei Solidari and his non-profit work works for in Barcelona,  and the second one about presentations that the guests made about proposals of new social enterprises needed in Barcelona and Europe.


Two young social entrepreneurs presenting their project


Servei Solidari keeps working on developing new ideas with those ones who share the same interests and needs as SESAME project does.




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