Successful Leeuwarden event on social entrepreneurship!

On the first of April there was scheduled a meeting in the knowledge centre ‘De Kanselarij’ on social entrepreneurship. The attendance was great, consisting of students, social entrepreneurs, teachers, project managers and other interested parties. The programme was characterized by two main aspects: inspiring guest speakers and creative brainstorm sessions, both on the topic of social entrepreneurship.

Inspiring guest speakers
For the meeting there were four guest speakers invited to tell something about their way of social entrepreneurship. At first, the audience attentively listened to Mr. Daan Levy. Mr. Daan Levy is active in the field of social innovation and is owner of ‘Speelkracht’, a creative company that has more than just one focus. People come with different questions to the company. Searching for the right answer, the company uses its own methodology. Speelkracht always tries not to work as a client or contractor, but to walk the path together and to work with everybody that is important for the project. The people are key and are main supplier of all valuable ingredients. Speelkracht translates those ingredients into a concept, which will be executed by the company. A good example of this is the design of playgrounds in neighbourhoods, with citizens and for citizens. In this way the citizens meet their own needs. Moreover, they are less dependent on the government and authorities. Speelkracht is a very good example of a social enterprise!

The second guest speaker was Mrs. Tjitske Kiemel. In possession of a Bachelor of Social Work she is working on several social projects. For the Cultural Capital of Europe 2018 she has developed a project with the aim to involve people from disadvantaged districts in the community. In the yar 2018 youngsters from disadvantages neighbourhoods will act as guide for sightseeing tours in the city of Leeuwarden. This is an example of one of her projects in the field of social innovation.

Also Mr. Bouwinus Sikkes told about his way of social entrepreneurship. As the owner of Coffee Central he has hired a girl from the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act. Nowadays, she can run the business on her own.
The last presentation was in a slightly different form. Mr. Duncan Chamberlain from Birmingham told his story through Skype. Mr. Duncan Chamberlain is the owner of the company Bridging to the Future, a company with a clear social mission: get unemployed people back into the labour market by enabling them to start their own company. Its aim is to create economic independence.

Brainstorm sessions
Each presentation was followed by a brainstorm session. In total there were held three sessions of each 20 minutes. The sessions were in groups of approximately 6 persons. Some questions were leading for the sessions, such as ‘What is a Social Enterprise?’ or ‘Do you know an example in your region?’ or ‘What can a social enterprise do for the region?’. As a result of these questions there was lots of talk and discussion about the phenomenon social entrepreneurship.

The fruitful and inspiring event was closed while enjoying a drink and snack

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